Nelly Medina

Parent, Activist, Advocate

About Nelly

What I Believe

I believe by organizing and mobilizing, we can demand necessary school resources and build a stronger community that works collabovatiely to achieve our goals. We deserve nothing less than the best for our children.I believe by organizing and mobilizing, we can demand necessary school resources and build a stronger community that works collabovatiely to achieve our goals. We deserve nothing less than the best for our children.

Our city is not one-size-fits-all. I believe that decisions made on our behalf should be rooted in the specific needs of the district e school community.

Why I’m Running

 I am running for office because my leadership, educational background, and connection to diverse communities are essential to represent District E schools.

I am running for School Committee to be a voice for my student and my community:
I was personally involved in the lawsuit that made in-district school committee representation possible in Worcester because I believe school committee members should advocate for and be accountable to their communities.

What I Bring to the Table

It is crucial to have active involvement from parents, caretakers, and students in shaping the decisions regarding education funding and spending.

As the parent of a child attending Worcester Public Schools, I understand firsthand that what happens within those buildings profoundly impacts our children’s lives. I also bring a decade of experience as a parent organizer for various education advocacy organizations, including the Worcester Education Justice Alliance, Parents Union of Massachusetts, Worcester Coalition for Education Equity, and Worcester Education Equity Roundtable.
Through these roles, I have developed a deep understanding of the issues and have actively worked to amplify the voices of parents, caretakers, and students. During my time with the Massachusetts Teachers Association as the ARPA implementation organizer, I educated union locals about school funding and the importance of sustaining classroom education funds.

Why You Should Vote for Me

My passion, experience, and dedication to education equity and respect for diversity for all students and families of District E make me the ideal candidate to bring about meaningful change and address the unique challenges faced by our community.

A Vote for Nelly Is a Vote for

Let’s GOTV!

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Transparency in School  Spending

Revolutionizing education spending assessment and budgeting. I aim to enhance engagement with stakeholders, parents, and educators to ensure their input shapes fund allocation. My experience as the ARP ESSER (American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund) Coordinator for the Massachusetts Teachers Association showed me that all too often, those most impacted by the allocation of funds have no say in the process or are unaware of funds that could be available to address their needs.

Empowering Every Student

As a former DCF student, I’m committed to securing funding for tailored school resources, replicating successful initiatives, and creating data systems with specific demographical information for accountability. Together, we’ll improve young lives and expand resources without burdening our school’s fiscal budget. Let’s empower every student to thrive.

Fair Pay for Educators and School Staff

Educators and school staff are a vital part of our children’s lives. They deserve fair pay and respect for all they do. I will work with all school employees to ensure that their contracts reflect their importance in our children’s lives and in the future of our city.

Environmentally Safe and Sustainable Schools

Our district schools are among the oldest in the state, leaving our children and school staff vulnerable and exposed to numerous environmental hazards, and lacking in many of the amenities that are expected of modern schools. We must invest in upgrades that make our schools healthier, and advocate for more funding to make our schools healthy and safe..

Multicural Awareness and Diversity

 Multicultural awareness extends beyond race and ethnicity; it encompasses varying religions, economic statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities, and language backgrounds. Each student brings a wealth of unique perspectives, and by genuinely valuing their differences, we forge an inclusive and caring learning environment.


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